What is a good way to judge your blood alcohol concentration?

First off, it should be noted that no rule of thumb can always give you an accurate measure of your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC. You need a test to do that. There are far too many factors that change it, such as how much water you drink, how much food you eat, when you last ate, how big you are, and the like.

The size of a drink matters, as well. Not all drinks are the same. Typically, a single shot, one beer, and a four-ounce glass of wine are all considered to be "one drink." However, the amount of alcohol in drink can be different. A cheap beer that is just 3.5 percent will not change your BAC as much as a craft beer at 10 percent.

That said, the following is a good way to get a rough guess before you get behind the wheel:

For those who are around 120 lbs, one drink in 60 minutes will raise the BAC to about .032. Two drinks in the same amount of time will raise it to .064. Three drinks, also taken in 60 minutes, bring it up to about .096.

For those who are around 180 lbs, one drink in 60 minutes will put the person's BAC at about .021. Two drinks would bring it up to .042, while three would put it at .063. Four drinks would raise it to .084.

In most places, you must be under 0.08 to drive a motor vehicle.

If you've been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in New York, you do have legal options.


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