Weighing your costs in your New York DUI criminal defense

Many people who are facing DUI charges think that they cannot afford to hire an attorney to defend them. However, your criminal defense costs should be weighed against other possible outcomes. For example, a DUI conviction may lead to your loss of employment if your job relies on you to have a valid New York state driver's license.

Other costs that you should consider are associated with ignition interlock devices. Frequent readers of our online blog may recall a post we wrote previously that discussed how any driver now convicted of drunk driving in New York is required to install an IID on his or her vehicles. This requirement is the same whether you are convicted of your first DUI or have multiple prior DUI convictions.

The costs of installing an IID can be outrageous. On average, you will pay $100 for the installation and a little more than that each month for "monitoring fees." Additionally, you will also pay a fee to have the device removed from your vehicle after your court-ordered monitoring expires.

Perhaps you're thinking that you can still absorb those costs cheaper than retaining an attorney to represent you. You may wish to reconsider that opinion once you learn that New York courts have the authority to require defendants convicted of multiple DUIs to install IIDs on every vehicle they own. Obviously, this could be financially ruinous for you if you have multiple vehicles.

Fortunately, your arrest for DUI does not automatically guarantee that prosecutors will be able to convict you on those charges. For example, the reasons for the initial traffic stop that led to your arrest may not have been lawful. Additionally, law enforcement may not have properly conducted the testing required to establish your level of impairment prior to arrest.

Our law firm has over 30 years of combined legal experience. Based in Newburgh, we help clients charged with DUI in Orange County and throughout the Hudson Valley. Prospective clients should know that we also have a former prosecutor as a member of our legal staff. There is no charge to initial clients to meet with our attorneys and discuss possibilities related to their DUI cases.


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