New York drivers aren't the worst, despite the rep

Drivers in New York don't have a good reputation. To a large degree, this is because of the sheer amount of traffic in New York. People often just think of driving in the city itself—not the relatively wide open areas in the rest of the state—and they think about traffic jams, fender-benders and honking horns.

However, the stats show that New York doesn't have the worst drivers, not when it comes to DUI incidents or poor driving in general.

The honor of the worst drivers in the US actually goes to Montana. This is according to information pulled from, and it marks the second year running that Montana has held that distinction. Meanwhile, the best drivers are in Minnesota.

New York was actually right near the middle, with the 23rd best drivers in the U.S. These could also be looked at as the 28th worst drivers.

When looking at DUI incidents, though, the stats are a bit worse. New York comes in with a drunk driving rate that is the 15th highest in the country. It's been progressively getting worse. In 2014, it ranked 17th. A year before that, in 2013, it ranked 28th.

As expected, since Montana was the worst when looking at all factors combined—such as the amount of traffic deaths for every 100,000 people—it also ranked higher than New York in terms of drunk driving. It was not the worst in the country, though, coming in at No. 13.

Those who have been accused of drunk driving in New York need to know about all of their legal rights.


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