Don't rely on luck to stay safe this St. Patrick's Day weekend

This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday. As a result, many revelers will choose to party over the weekend rather than choosing to suffer through hangovers on Tuesday when they are obligated to be at work or in class. Because St. Patrick’s Day celebrations tend to result in numerous poor choices, it is important for our readers to understand that engaging in some surprising and not-so-surprising behaviors this weekend will put you at risk for being charged with a crime.

For example, it is obviously important to avoid drinking and driving. Driving while intoxicated is an extremely dangerous activity that could ultimately result in injury or death for you, your passengers and your fellow travelers. However, even if you are not involved in a collision, being pulled over for drunk driving and receiving a DWI conviction could alter your life dramatically for the worse. If you are planning to party away from home this weekend, please make sure that you will have a sober ride home before you down any green beers.

In addition to avoiding drunk driving, it is important not to let your enthusiastic and potentially drunken energy to get the best of you. If you appear to be drunk while in public during daylight or nighttime hours, you could be charged with public intoxication. While this charge is not as serious as a DWI, it will likely be embarrassing and inconvenient to deal with once you sober up.

Finally, if you imbibe too many Irish Car Bombs or pints of Guinness this weekend, make sure to find an appropriate facility in which to do your business. If you are caught relieving yourself anywhere other than a bathroom, you could be charged with public urination. Explaining the accompanying fine to your significant other is not the ideal way to spend the morning after a St. Patrick’s Day party.

St. Patrick’s Day tends to be a lot of fun at a time of year that can otherwise be drab. Planning ahead and making (relatively) smart choices is the best way to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day without the legal consequences.


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