Could texting someone who is driving become illegal?

New York residents may be surprised to hear that based on a recent ruling, someone could be held partially liable for a car accident if they texted someone who was driving. The case in question involved a couple who were harmed in an accident caused by another driver in a truck drifting over the center line and colliding with the couple on their motorcycle. Having already settled with the driver of the truck, the most recent suit was filed against the man's girlfriend who texted him just before the accident.

The court did not rule in the couple's favor because the girlfriend was not aware that her boyfriend was behind the wheel. However, the ruling did point to the possibility that people could be held responsible in civil court for contributing to auto accidents if they were aware that the person they were texting was driving.

In spite of the ruling, there is no law against texting someone while they are driving, whether someone is aware of it or not. Still, it is possible this ruling will lead to new laws being created that will end up placing some blame on individuals who knowingly text someone who is on the road. Additionally, even if it never becomes illegal to do so, some experts are suggesting that people refrain from knowingly sending messages to people who are driving due to possible civil court rulings.

If someone has been injured in an accident, they may be able to seek compensation for more than just the costs of medical bills and repairing their vehicle. A lawyer could explain someone's legal options and help them pursue compensation for lost wages and other expenses related to a collision.


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