Bicyclists strapping cameras to helmets to deter crashes

Bicycle accidents happen every day on New York City streets. Cyclists can be harmed in these accidents because of the power and size differences between bicycles and vehicles. The worst part is that cyclists rarely see what happened to them and are left without any recovery. Injured bicyclists may have the opportunity to recover for their injuries in a personal injury lawsuit, but they will sometimes need evidence to prove what happened. Some New York City bicyclists are being proactive by strapping video cameras to their helmets in order to make sure that those hitting bicyclists are held accountable.

Cameras making a difference

Many cyclists did not have safety in mind when they began using the cameras but merely wanted to memorialize their adventures. One famous incident occurred in Berkeley when a car knocked two cyclists down and drove away. The video of the crash was uploaded to YouTube and viewed over 362,000 times. The police are still investigating the accident. Another cyclist was able to get the license plate number off of a car that hit him because of his camera.

Bridging the gap between cyclists and motorists

There is often a lot of tension between cyclists, pedestrians and motorists on New York City streets. The cameras have helped ease this tension as well. When bicyclists and motorists do get into crashes it is often a difficult battle of he says she says. The videos are an objective way to ease this tension. Motorist harassment has been deterred by the cameras. One man stopped an angry motorist from yelling at him and possibly hurting him because the motorist realized he had a camera.

Preserving evidence

A personal injury attorney is a great resource for injured cyclists to hold drivers responsible and to seek recovery for their medical expenses and other losses. It is important for cyclists injured by car crashes to preserve evidence to make sure that they have everything they need to get justice and to get the recovery they deserve. The head cameras are a great way to do this, and if more bicyclists use these cameras it will change personal injury lawsuits for the better by providing clear evidence of exactly what happened. The police are also thankful for these cameras in their own investigations.

Injured bicyclists can also preserve other types of evidence. They can take photographs of damage to the bicycle, the accident scene and their injuries. They should also document their injuries over time with photographs and journal entries of how the injury makes them feel and how it affects their everyday lives.


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