Accident victim with TBI raises awareness through her artwork

In just a matter of seconds, one negligent driver in New York can absolutely shatter the life of an innocent individual. A car accident victim that was once thriving and independent can be rendered to struggle for the rest of their life as they work to adjust to life in a wheelchair or life with a traumatic brain injury.

One car accident victim that now lives in New York had the course of her life violently altered in 2004 when a speeding car slammed into her, causing a traumatic brain injury. People that have had minimal exposure to TBI may be inclined to think that such an injury means the victim is left completely mentally incapable. However, the truth is that there is a broad spectrum of brain injuries that can impact victims in varying manners.

This woman's TBI made it difficult for her to articulate and communicate her emotions. She also had a fractured spine, so the pain in conjunction with constantly being asked how she was feeling made the woman feel incredibly frustrated. To express herself, she began painting. She says the therapeutic outlet immensely helped her both express her emotions and briefly escape her relentless pain. She says, "My thoughts were flowing seamlessly like they did before the TBI. It was exhilarating, addictive."

The woman has gained notoriety for her work, creating portraits of politicians, other victims that have TBI, stars and the like. The woman currently has an exhibit of her work on display at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare in Wallingford, Connecticut. It is a series of 12 portraits; the last of which the artist says is a non-portrait of white on white. She says, "It is called invisible. Brain injury is invisible. I get very strong reactions from people who say you're not disabled.' It's a testament to millions of Americans who will have TBI who I will not be able to pain."

A TBI can mean an individual has terrible headaches, mood swings, blurred vision, confusion and so many more symptoms that alter a victim's quality of life after an accident. If an individual in Newburgh or elsewhere in New York is made to suffer in a related manner due to another's negligence, there could be financial compensation in order. Speaking to an attorney can assist a victim in better understanding the available avenues for recourse.


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